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Game 34: That was a gut punch.

Ugh.  Another great start from our rotation, another wasted effort from the offense.  Granted, it’s hard to hold on to 2-1 leads, even against teams like the vaunted Royals.  AJ pitches seven innings of 1 H, 1 ER ball, and… Continue reading

Game 29: Snake-bit.

Another day, another game we lose that we could have won.  AJ didn’t even have a bad day on the mound, the defense/offense was the real reason we lost. We’re tied at 2-2 in the 7th, and suddenly our position… Continue reading

Game 28: Did our bats die again?

Another game, another decent to semi-decent pitching performance with zero to little offensive output.  Freddy Garcia didn’t pitch that poorly, it should be noted.  He threw seven innings, gave up only four runs on ten hits, walked two and… Continue reading

ALCS Game 6: Well………..damn it.

*sigh*Just wasn’t meant to be this year, huh guys?  At least we made a series of it and brought it back to Texas.  They were the better team, I’ve got no problem admitting that.  This team is not and… Continue reading

ALCS Game 4: We don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell, do we?

Pardon my extreme pessimism right now, but my opinion of this team’s chances to force a 7th game and win is lower than the barometer on the Titanic.  If it could go wrong last night, it did.  First AJ… Continue reading

ALCS Game 3: Officially worried.

To say that I’m ********** about the Yankees’ play the last two game is about as close to an understatement as can possibly be attained.    First Phil sh!ts the bed and the offense takes a nap, then Andy… Continue reading

Game 162: Thus concludes the season.

Too bad we couldn’t win the last game, but with the Rays winning, we were going to get the Wild Card regardless.  Now we get ready to face the Twins more than likely in the ALDS, a team we… Continue reading

Game 159: One step forward, two steps back.

Just when it seems like we’re making some headway, we blow it.  Rather than capitalizing on CC’s great start the night before, Javy decided to revert to his early season form.  He put us in a hole our offense… Continue reading

Game 157: Is there another word for infuriating that I haven’t used yet?

Thank God for small favors — the Rays lost as well.  So we’re still .5 a game back from them for the division.  I’ve actually just started hoping we finish the season on a high note so we have… Continue reading

Game 156: Oh thank God.

I was beginning to think seeing a Yankees victory was going to be as rare as a double rainbow or Lindsay Lohan staying sober for more than 48 hours.  Good to see that the Yankees at least know how… Continue reading

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