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Game 40: It’s about damn time.

Well.  It’s nice to see the Yankees taking care of business for once.  Finally snapping a six-game skid, we got not only great pitching, but offense that didn’t die on the vine.  Ivan Nova pitched 5.1 innings, gave up 1 ER on 4 H, walked two and struck out four.  Our bullpen collectively gave up … Continue reading

Game 39: From bad to worse.

Just when you thought the worst passed us by, the Yankees have to go and demonstrate that no….the worst is still coming. AJ Burnett had been pitching very well last night, with the Rays scoring just one run by the 6th inning, but then something happened (don’t ask me what) and a switch got flipped, … Continue reading

Game 10: That’s more like it.

It’s always nice when the Yanks can rebound from a crappy game and get to business.  Also, my beloved Red Wings started their playoff series against the Phoenix Coyotes last night and won, so I was two for two… Continue reading

No baseball today pt. 2.

Ugh.  I hate rain-outs.  There’s nothing to do.  Well, you could always watch the Rays/Red Sox game for the schadenfreude if you’re so inclined.  That’s what I did once I finished my accounting homework.  Nothing like doing accrual accounting and… Continue reading

Pitchers & Catchers countdown and some MLB news:

Nearly 3 weeks to go until we start seeing trucks full of equipment start arriving in Florida.  How exciting!  Now, speaking of Tampa, catch this exciting news:Rays sign Johnny Damon and Manny RamirezWhoa.  The Rays are a lock to… Continue reading

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The Royals beat the Rays last night 3-2, dropping the Rays down .5 a game in the AL East race and putting them in a tie with the Yankees.  Bless you, Royals!  Do it again a few more times… Continue reading

Game 153: Is it time to kick someone’s @$$ yet?

What the hell is going on in Yankeeland?  Now CC is getting the yips?  Good grief, he’s about the only constant we’ve had all year.  I’m not worried about him too much, even the best pitchers will have off… Continue reading

Game 152: A slight speed bump.

The Yanks had a slight set-back last night, losing the 3rd game of a 4-game series against the Rays.  After a 2+ hour rain delay, the Yanks just didn’t have enough hitch in their giddy-up to overcome the Rays… Continue reading

Game 151: Keep this train a-rollin’.

Whatever was ailing the Yankees appears to be turning the corner.  Thankfully.  This was a very important series when we started it, and so far, we’ve taken it — now we go for the sweep.  On our March to… Continue reading

Game 150: For George.

Tonight, George Steinbrenner was honored by the Yankees with the unveiling of the plaque/monument in Monument Park.  Only an event like this would bring Joe Torre back to Yankee Stadium, in fact it was the first time he’d seen… Continue reading

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