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Game 120: The offense returns! Again! (for now?)

Yay, I get to bring back my explosion picture and for a good reason this time!  Just because it was fun doing it last year, our March to 100™ is at 26.  Why not, you know?  It could happen. … Continue reading

Game 111: A split is better than nothing, I suppose.

There were a lot of irritating things about this game, even though it was very tightly played and both teams had ample opportunities to really distance themselves from other, but didn’t.  For starters, Phil had a pretty decent start,… Continue reading

Game 110: Sometimes the unknown quantity works out.

I love beating the Red Sox.  What I love more than though, is watching them flail against essentially, a nobody.  Not that Dustin Moseley is some sch.muck we pulled from the stands, but he’s not AJ Burnett, who was… Continue reading

Game 48: The offense returns!

Hot damn, we managed to score more than two runs!  I guess this is what happens when you get a great pitching performance and you’re matched up against a kind-of crappy team.  It seemed like it couldn’t have come… Continue reading

Game 26: This train just won’t stop.

*yawn*Another series.  Another game, another QS from our starter.  It’s like repetition right now, not that it bothers me.  I’m glad it’s like that.  I’d hate to have a season like a certain division rival is having right now. … Continue reading

Game 22: Time to dirty some laundry.

Coming off a 5-4 road trip that frankly, should have been 7-2, the Yankees start a homestand and the White Sox are the first targets.Andy Pettitte took the mound this evening, coming off one of his best performances in… Continue reading

Game 14: Ho-hum, another series.

Count von Count says we’ve won 1, 2, 3, 4, 5……5 series in a row!  Ah ah ah……I can’t really do the Count’s laugh that well in type, so sound it out in your head.  I’ll take 11-3 to… Continue reading

Game 9: Another series.

Well.  Three series so far since the start of the season and we’ve won all of them.  Boston, Tampa and the Superfluous Acronyms™, all teams that have given us fits in the not-so-recent past.  Nice start to the season… Continue reading

Game 6: Homeward bound.

So far, I’d say the Yankees are looking good this year.  Granted it’s been 6 games, but of that SSS, I’ve liked what I’ve seen.  We don’t appear to be missing Damon/Matsui/Cabrera, which was my #1 fear going in.  So… Continue reading

ST Game 21: Alex Rodriguez 2, Nationals 1

Today started out on a very high note for me.  My dad’s blood work and scans came back clean as a whistle!  For those who may not know, last summer, my father had diverticulitis.  In the process of taking… Continue reading

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