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Games 43-45: The Subway Series

What a great series this was!  After a disappointing first game that saw us only able to score one run after bludgeoning 13 the night before, the 2nd and 3rd game of this series were a marked and vast improvement.  We got stellar pitching in all three games, great bullpen pitching especially, AND in the … Continue reading

Game 69: Finally in first.

Thank God.  Finally we won and Tampa lost at the same time.  We’re now a game in first place since probably April.  I’ll take it.  Hope all the kids of the Yankees enjoyed this and it was a nice… Continue reading

Game 68: Well, it’s about time!

Thank God we finally won a game.  We haven’t gone on too many extended losing streaks this season, but the last three games have felt more like a root canal with no Novocaine than anything else.  So I’m grateful… Continue reading

Game 67: Not a good start.

So Javy pitches a great game, giving up only 1 ER and 3 hits over 7 innings…..and the offense does bupkiss.  Not even bupkiss, but negative bupkiss.  Ugh.  Just when our starting pitching is coming around, especially from the… Continue reading

Game 44: Sliding down.

Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of days — I’ve been quite ill and didn’t have the energy to really do much of anything.  In fact I’m still quite sick, but posting this so you don’t… Continue reading

Game 43: Where the heck did everyone go?

……..I suppose this title could not only apply to the Yankees, as they’ve disappeared…..but also to all my commentors/readers.  I haven’t gotten any feedback on any of my entries since the first game of the Boston series.  That’s extremely… Continue reading

Game 42: This is my 1,000th entry.

A thousand entries later, after my first introduction to MLBlogs and at least the Yankees won for my efforts.  Thank God.  Another loss and I was liable to go on a multi-state killing spree.  Hopefully Tampa will continue losing,… Continue reading

Game 77: It’s just Mo’s world.

I don’t know what was more memorable about this game; Mo’s 500th save or the fact that he got his first major league RBI when K-Rod walked him.  I mean, Derek thought the idea of Mo batting to start… Continue reading

Game 76: Summertime’s calling me.

See that little slice of heaven over there?  That’s where I was all day today.  Wrightsville Beach, NC is probably the most beautiful stretch of land I’ve ever seen.  A 3 1/2 hour drive from where I live, it was well… Continue reading

Game 75: Ace in hand.

Coming off a series win against Atlanta, it was imperative we set the right tone against the Mets and with Crooked Cap on the mound tonight, it was a sure bet.  Sabathia has been the closest thing to dominance… Continue reading

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