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#18 is not too bad, although I did slip down a few places from July.  Let’s get me back up in the Top 10 in time for the playoffs!  Again, my thanks to everyone who has been coming by, reading and leaving comments.  It’s always appreciated. 😀

Latest Leaders: July


Wow…..that’s 4 spots higher than last month!  Thanks to everyone that’s been coming by, reading and leaving comments.  It’s much appreciated!! 

Today is a national holiday.


Okay, well maybe not a national holiday but it’s still a pretty damn special day!

Thanks to those who have sent me birthday greetings/wishes…..I really appreciate it.  It’s sucks nearing 30, if only because it reminds you that you’re not  that young anymore.  Hell, my 10 year reunion is this October.

*weeps silently*

Also, the latest leaders are up for May:

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#13!  Excellent!  Thanks to everyone who helped get me there. 😀

Another milestone for Yankees Chick!

Be_Happy.jpgWell…..I’ve gotten over another hurdle on my way to MLBlogs infamy……250,000 visitors!  I wanted to get there before the season, and I did.  I never thought I’d EVER get anywhere near 250,000…..I didn’t think anyone really cared what I thought about the Yankees.  LOL  Nice to see I was wrong. 

So thanks to everyone who has stopped by either once or many times, I appreciate it none the less. 😀

Latest Leaders: 2009

1. Confessions of a She-Fan  
2. Red State Blue State  
3. Julia’s Rants  
4. The Happy Youngster…Brew Town’s Ballhawk  
5. Rockpile Rant  
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Incredible!  That means for the whole year, January to December, I was the 13th most visited fan blog.  That is so amazing.  I am truly grateful for that.  With ST just around the corner and the new season months away, Yankees Chick will be picking up again and maybe just maybe…..around this time NEXT year, I’ll be in the Top 10.  Thanks again!! 

Yankees Chick says thank you.

What a season!  Who knew when I began blogging the season in March-April that by November we’d be World Champions.  You wanted it, you hoped for it, you knew it was never NOT a possibility, but at the same time you knew there’s 29 other teams who want it too….including the defending champions.  There’s nothing better than watching your team strive and fight and then reach the top of the mountain in front of their fans, in their city and in their park.  And I definitely had a great time sharing this great season with all of you.  Now on to the thank yous……

For starters, I need to start with my regulars.  Those who were here all season and really helped contribute to this blog being as great as it is.

Lee Ellen
Jason no. 2
Peter (Outside Phillies)

It’s people like them that make me glad I do what I do.  Sports writing is hard and while I love doing it, I know there’s always room for improvement.  But when you know that someone is going to come by, read it, appreciate it and let you know they appreciate it, that makes it a lot easier.  What’s even better is that some of them are not Yankees fans, yet they came by and left comments and were respectful to the Yankees fans that DO post here.  I wish they all could follow your lead.  Take a note, trolls.  THAT is how you do it. 

Extra special thanks though go out to Jason, Nareah and Lee Ellen.  The last two been herethank you.jpg for the last 3 seasons, which is how long I’ve been blogging here.  They are my OG’s, if you go with the parlance of the times.  They’re both incredible people who are incredible fans (Nareah’s purple socks, anyone?).  Lee Ellen is a Mets fan mostly, but try not to hold that against her. 😉   Jason has been blogging with me for probably two seasons now, going on three.  In fact I was the first person to comment at his original blog.  Really super sweet guy and when my dad had to have the tumor surgery this summer, he was very supportive and I really appreciated that.  So he’s good people on top of it all.  They’ve been the backbone of the Yankees Chick experience, and I thank them most heartily for that.

This is my favorite section of the “thank yous”, however.  I’d like to thank the trolls, haters and spammers who never ceased to provide me and the above mentioned people with endless sources of entertainment.  Thank you for never failing to tell me how you think the Yankees suck, or how X player is an a$$hole or how so-and-so cheats.  Thank you for never spelling words right, thank you for not understanding even the basics of baseball and/or economics, thank you for being hypocritical dooshbags and above all…..thank you for sharing it with all of us. 

I was at the mall yesterday and someone standing behind me in line at
the Gloria Jeans said “Yankees suck, a$shole.” I had my A-Rod shirt on
and obviously…that’s what prompted his statement. I didn’t turn
around, I didn’t chastise the guy…I smiled. I don’t hate people who
hate the Yankees. I don’t yell at them, I don’t call them names, I
don’t give them 1,001 reasons why the Yankees are super-duper awesome
sauce. I just smile and say thank you. 

I couldn’t imagine ever
rooting for a baseball team that inspired indifference in other people.
No one is going to walk up to a Tigers fan and give them a hard time.
No one is going to walk up to a Cubs fan and yell obscenities at them.
There’s no reason to hate either team. They just exist and they have
their fans and that’s it. I love that the team I root for is hated so
much, people are almost compelled to share that with their fans. It’s
like Christmas and my birthday, all rolled into one, every day of the
year.  So thank you for giving me that joy, you don’t know how amazing it is.  The more haters come by, the happier I am.  You wouldn’t waste your time hating a team that truly sucked and truly was not any good, which means we have to be VERY good to even warrant your time and attention.

So again, my thanks to all of you.  I hope to see you around during the off-season and especially next season. 😀

Update to the leader board……


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I’ve moved up to #44 on the list, after having been off the list last time.  Thanks to everyone who’s come by and commented and read the site….I really appreciate it.  I’m hoping to get to 200,000 vistors by my birthday in June, so let’s make it happen!