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Game 126: Walk-off.

Hot damn, late-inning breaks go OUR way this time!  I can’t remember the last time we had a walk-off win, and since wins are at a premium for us at the moment, it made this extra special.  The White Sox are a poor team, so I hoped we wouldn’t need to resort to late-inning heroics to take the game, but since the Yankees can’t be bothered to score more than 3 or 4 runs a game, we have to work with what we get.  The second best part of tonight’s slate of games is that the Cubs, the poor, poor Cubs, beat the Orioles.  I KNOW.  I couldn’t believe it either.  My hometown team always finds a way to come someone’s aid, and this time it was ours.

Our rotation has been a bit of a dog’s breakfast, or catch as catch can if you want to use another metaphor.  Shane Greene took the mound tonight, giving us a serviceable performance — 5.0 IP, 9 H, 3 ER, 2 BB, 7 K.  Not great, but not awful, either.  I think “middling” is a good word to describe it.  Shawn Kelley, Dellin Betances, and David Robertson made up the relief core, giving up a total of 2 H, 0 ER, and 6 K with no walks.  D-Rob ended up with the win, as he was the pitcher of record when Martin Prado singled with the bases loaded, scoring Ichiro.

Speaking of Martin, he went 2-5 with 3 RBI, which is 75% of our entire offensive output all night.  Jacoby Ellsbury went 2-4 with an RBI, which makes up the other 25%.  Am I the only one bothered by that?  Not the fact we won, but the fact that our offense is so woeful, two people are solely responsible for the reason we won the game.  Some of these guys are killing me.  I shouldn’t ask for more than 4 runs tomorrow, because we’ll end up getting shut out, but it would be nice if we managed to actually score, and score with some authority.  Come on fellas, I know you can do it.

Game 41: This definitely calls for the Drama Llama.

Well, you knew it was time for him to make a re-appearance.  I think a 15 inning victory counts for dramatic, although it shouldn’t have needed that many innings just to beat the damn Orioles.  More on that later, though.

How about that Bartolo Colon?  Good grief.  8 IP, 3 H, 0 ER, 1 BB, 7 K.  Can we get this all the time, please?  Mo came in for what we thought was a routine 9th inning save, but he kinda got a case of the yips and gave up a run….thus necessitating extra innings.  I’ll give our bullpen lots of credit though….they were solid.  Rock solid.  Noesi was a horse, pitching four relief innings, giving up only four hits.  Great, great job by the pitching last night.

The offense though….yeesh.  One run until the 15th inning?  Great time to finally wake up, though.  We did get lots of production though, to the tune of 15 hits, even if our run total didn’t reflect that.  Alex went 4-7, Derek went 2-7, which means he’s only 32 hits away from 3,000 now.  Robbie went 2-6 with 2 RBI, Russell Martin went 2-4, Mark went 2-6….we got a little something from everyone.  Of that group, the stand-out hitter was Alex, though.  Good for him too, he’s been slumping lately.  Let’s carry this into the last game of this little two-game series and sweep the O’s.

Stars of the Game™

Bartolo Colon, our bullpen, and Alex Rodriguez!

Game 18: Guess what time it is again?


Isn’t he just the cutest?  He always makes an appearance when the Yankees snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and come from behind late in the game, or win in extras — like yesterday.  Apologies for the late write-up; I’ve been suffering from a bit of a stomach bug the last couple days, and my energy was at an all-time low yesterday.  Yeesh.  I’m better now, though. 

Freddy Garcia had a great start, and really the last couple starts has shown himself to be quite an asset to this rotation.  His final line was 6 IP, 2 H, 0 ER, 2 BB, 7 K.  Our bullpen on the other hand, didn’t have the best of afternoons.  Joba came in for the 7th, and gave up two runs to cut our lead to only one, and then Mo came in for the 9th and gave up the tying run to Brian Roberts.  Fortunately Andino was out at the plate, otherwise the Orioles would have won the game 4-3.  I know Mo gets the yips every April, so I’m not worried…..but it’s still shocking to see anyway.  Thankfully our offense came through in the end. 

Speaking of the offense, we scored two runs in the 1st inning, one run in the 5th inning, and then didn’t score again until the 11th inning.  Now that’s a problem.  Of course, coming off a 15-run game the previous night, I wasn’t expecting 16 runs, but I was hoping for more of a sustained offensive effort than that.  A couple players had very nice days at the plate; Derek (4-6, RBI) and Grandy (3-5, 3 RBI).  We also got RBIs from Alex and Russell Martin.  Derek’s four hits brings him to 2,945 hits total, or just 55 away from 3,000.  Keep pluggin’ along, Jetes.  I know you’re not having the best year, but we’re behind you anyway. 

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Game 11: You know what time it is.


The Drama Llama!  For those of you who are new to Yankees Chick this season, the Drama Llama only makes his appearance when the Yankees win a game in spectacular, come-from-behind fashion, much like last night.  Those of you who have been faithful readers, already know all about the Drama Llama’s exploits.  It’s great to see the little guy so early in the season. 

What wasn’t so great to see early in the season is Phil Hughes’ troubling pitching woes.  I don’t know what’s going on with him right now, but it’s worrying me.  CC is CC, AJ appears to have his sh!t together, but after that it’s a whole bunch of question marks, and Phil leads the pack.  It’s waaaaaay too early to be talking playoffs, but if this team expects to succeed in the playoffs, we need at least three top-notch starters, and at the moment we only have two.  So he better shape up soon.  Our bullpen had to pitch the bulk of the game, and they did a great job — especially Bartolo Colon, who has been a surprisingly solid (all jokes about his weight aside) acquisition for us thus far.  Mo got the win, and as usual, made it look effortless.  Can we clone him? 

The offense mirrored the pitching last night — dead in the beginning, hot at the end.  After falling behind 5-0, suddenly the bats remembered what they’re paid millions of dollars to do, and started to hit the ball.  From the 5th inning on, we scored at least one run an inning, with the exception of the 8th.  Our big heroes were Jorge Posada, whose 9th inning HR tied the game at 5, and Swish, whose sac fly in the 10th scored Mark and netted us the win.  Of course Swish got a pie in the face from AJ for his efforts.  Derek went 1-5, which brings him to within 64 hits of 3,000.  Alex went 3-3 with an RBI, Robbie went 2-5 with an RBI, and Grandy went 2-4.  Nice job all around once the bats got hot.  Let’s do this again tonight against the Rangers. 

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ALCS Game 1: Down but NEVER out.

LOL.  Just LOL.  By show of hands, how many people penciled this game in as a loss when the Yanks were down 5-0 early?  I have to admit I was terrified that with CC not having the strongest of starts, we were in trouble.  Big trouble.  Boy was I wrong.  The Drama Llama, the Comeback Kids, the Drama Club….it was all happening tonight.  More on that later of course.  Our Magic Number is slowly sinking, and now we’re only 7 games away from defending our title. 

BTW, did we really need to see Dubya’s smug and sneering face all night? 

As I mentioned above briefly, CC did not have an ace-like start tonight.  To be honest, it was crap.  I don’t know how much of his bad start was the long layoff between starts or what, but he was all over the place and so were the balls Rangers batters were hitting off him.  Thankfully though, our bullpen and later our offense, picked him up and we won the game.  His final line was dismal:  4 IP, 6 H, 5 ER, 4 BB, 3 K.  Not good.  Our bullpen on the other hand, was absolutely phenomenal.  5 IP, 1 H, 0 ER, 2 BB, 6 K.  Dustin Moseley had the most outstanding performance pitching-wise, going two innings and striking out four.  So a big round of applause goes to our pen for holding the Rangers at 5 runs. 

The offense was completely effing asleep until the 7th inning, which trust me….did nothing for my nerves.   Or the ulcer I’m developing because of these guys.  I kid.  It’s more like chronic heartburn.  In any event, Robbie Cano got the scoring for the Yanks started in the 7th with a solo shot off Wilson, who soon found himself in a world of trouble come the 8th inning, when the Yanks piled 5 runs on Rangers pitching.  Both starters ended up with NDs but wow.  You thought Girardi did funky stuff with our pen…..he’s got nothin’ on Ron Washington.  That was almost Torre-esque.  As for the scoring, a few guys had great nights by the time the whole things was through.  Derek went 2-5 with an RBI, Alex went 2-5 with 2 RBI, Robbie went 3-4 with 2 RBI and Marcus went 2-4 with an RBI.  Those were our 8th inning guys and without them….well….this entry would have a far different tone.  Viva le dramatic comeback! 

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Game 156: Oh thank God.

I was beginning to think seeing a Yankees victory was going to be as rare as a double rainbow or Lindsay Lohan staying sober for more than 48 hours.  Good to see that the Yankees at least know how to pull their heads from their @$$es for a game.  Let’s hope it continues.  Unfortunately we’re not going to make it to 100 wins seeing as we only have 6 games left to play and we’re 7 games back from that mark…..but we should still get as close as we can.  Tampa lost last night, so we’re only .5 a game back in the AL East, so that’s still in play. 

Unlike the last few games, we actually got some great starting pitching for once.  Phil had a great start, going 6 innings, giving up only 1 ER on 3 H, with 4 BB and 4 K.  The blip on the radar as far as our pitching went last night was Mo, who is having a horrible end of the season, which is quite rare for him.  Thankfully what little offense we’ve had the last few games was able to muster up a couple more to bail him and everyone else out. 

Alex Rodriguez is doing everything in his power to get to 30 HRs for the 13th consecutive season.  His 7th inning HR gave the Yankees a 2-1 lead and brought him to 29 HRs on the season.  Mark went 3-4, and Robbie went 2-4 with a game-tying RBI in the bottom of the 9th.  Aside from them, no one else did anything else.  Which is beginning to get irritating.  Whether we are the AL East champs again or the Wild Card winners, we need to get our butts in gear, because we’ll more than likely end up playing the Rangers to get the WS, and they still have Cliff Lee.  For now. 

Stars of the Game™



Game 145: It’s about freakin’ time.

Hallelujah!  We finally won a game!  Our long, national nightmare is finally over!  Well, sort of.  We did everything we could to lose the game, but finally decided to just say screw it and win anyway.  Which was damn nice of them, I think.  Our March to 100™ was suspended for a while, but it’s back up and running and sitting at 12.  I don’t know if it’ll get done, but we’ll keep it going anyway. 

Our starting pitching sucked last night.  I’m just going to be honest with you.  We had a 6-0 lead and Nova completed choked it up and after the 5th, we found ourselves down 7-6.  A 6-run lead.  Gone.  Oy vey.  We tied the game the following inning and it stayed tied because our pen managed to not give up any more runs to the damn Rays.  Boone, Joba, Kerry, Dave and Mo all combined for 5.1 innings of two-hit ball.  Now that’s a bullpen.  And it’s good they held the Rays to 7 runs because our offense died until the top of the 10th.  I hope our bullpen keeps up what they’ve been doing and I hope our rotation gets its act together.  The playoffs are coming sooner than we think. 

Well…..6 runs usually should be enough to win a ballgame, unfortunately for us though, we needed two more than that.  Fortunately, we were able to provide those two runs.  A quick run down of the lineup shows a few players that had good/great nights.  Alex went 2-6 with 2 RBI, Robbie went 3-4 with 3 RBI, and Jorge came in as a PH in the 10th and hit the tie-breaking and game-winning HR for the Yanks.  Derek went 2-5, Grandy went 2-5, Mark went 1-5 with an RBI, and Austin Kearns went 1-5.  So the offense had a great game, if only our pitching (aside from the pen) did too.  Let’s do the same tonight and take the series.  I can’t remember the last time we did that. 

Stars of the Game™




Game 140: Cue the dramatic finale!


We haven’t had a good old-fashioned walk-off in a long time, so this was cool to see.  We also badly needed a win to stave off a sweep and 4-game losing streak.  So this win today was good for more than one reason.  On our March to 100™, we’re finally at 13, after staying stuck at 14 for what seemed like forever. 

Ivan Nova got the start this afternoon and did a great job, ending the day with a line of 6 IP, 6 H, 2 ER, 2 BB and 6K.  Lots of 6’s and 2’s there.  Robertson, Logan and Chamberlain combined for the last three innings and Joba ended up getting the win.  Combined, they gave up no runs, no hits, no walks and struck out 6.  A nice return to form after the last few days. 

Our offense today can be summed up thusly:  Swish.  He went 2-4 with 2 RBI, those RBI coming on his game-winning HR in the bottom of the 9th.  Alex also went 2-4 and our other RBI came from Gardy, who went 1-4.  Aside from them……..that’s it.  Kind of boring but at least we won.  Beggars can’t be choosers.  Now if only Boston would get their s$%t together……..

Star of the Game™


Game 89: This one’s for you, George.


Was there any other way for this game to end?  This team thrives on dramatics and considering the emotional circumstances of the game, winning it in a walk-off seemed like the only possible result.  Before the game, Mo laid flowers at home plate and Derek gave a speech about both Bob and George, and I’m sure hearing Bob’s voice introduce Derek as he walked out there was a chilling experience for all who were there. 

CC didn’t have his best stuff tonight, but he battled hard and gave a solid 7 innings of work.  His final line ended up being 7 IP, 8 H, 3 ER, 4 BB, 6K.  The hit and walk counts were a little high, but we got the result we wanted anyway.  David Robertson pitched the 8th and struck out the side, while Mo came in for the 9th giving up one hit and striking out one.  Couldn’t have asked for a better line from our pitchers than that. 

The offense was a little dead in the water tonight, with the exception of Mr. Swishilicious himself.  Swish went 3-5 with 3 RBI, the clear winner for Star of the Game.  Our other two runs came courtesy of solo shots from Robbie and Jorge.  Other than that, our lineup was a tad sleepy.  Our defense wasn’t all that grand either, what with the two errors we were charged.  I’m hoping that tomorrow’s game is a lot less sloppy and a lot more explosive, offense-wise. 

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Game 81: How’s *that* for some fireworks?

Seeing as today is also George Steinbrenner’s birthday, I’m sure the Yankees wanted to give him an extra-special present by giving him one of their patented dramatic walk-offs.  Interestingly enough, both of the walk-offs the Yankees have this season were the result of a timely hit from Marcus Thames. 

Phil Hughes didn’t have the world’s best start today, although he would have if not for that disastrous 5th inning.  He ended up pitching 6 innings, giving up 5 ER on six hits, while walking two and striking out five.  Marte and Chamberlain pitched the 7th and 8th, and preserved our slim 6-5 lead.  The Mo came in for the 9th and in a very un-Mo like thing…..blew the save.  o_O.  I know.  Robertson pitched the 10th….Yankees win. 

However we wouldn’t have won without Marcus Thames’ very lucky hit in the bottom of the 10th to give us the 7-6 victory.  Before we got there though, we got some great performances at the plate from a nice list of people.  Swish went 3-5, Mark went 3-4 with 2 RBI, Ramiro Pena went 2-4 with an RBI and Gardy went 2-4 with 2 RBI including an inside-the-park home run!  So we got a little something from everyone.  A game that was a win turned into a loss turned into a win turned into a loss turned into a win was definitely NOT something I was expecting this afternoon, but we thrive on dramatics, don’t we?  The Drama Club™ strikes again.  :-D

Stars of the Game™





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