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Game 42: How’s that for offense?

Well now that was something interesting, huh?  We go from barely being able to score runs to putting up a 13-spot the next night.  Schizophrenic baseball is what we do best, and we do it well. CC Sabathia got the call to the mound tonight, and pitched just as well as Bartolo Colon did last … Continue reading

Game 39: From bad to worse.

Just when you thought the worst passed us by, the Yankees have to go and demonstrate that no….the worst is still coming. AJ Burnett had been pitching very well last night, with the Rays scoring just one run by the 6th inning, but then something happened (don’t ask me what) and a switch got flipped, … Continue reading

Game 29: Snake-bit.

Another day, another game we lose that we could have won.  AJ didn’t even have a bad day on the mound, the defense/offense was the real reason we lost. We’re tied at 2-2 in the 7th, and suddenly our position… Continue reading

Game 22: There’s the offense.

Ask a question, sometimes you get it answered.  After a few games of seemingly narcoleptic offense where we were only able to score runs in spurts of HRs, it was nice to see a game where 75% of our… Continue reading

Game 135: Seventh heaven.

The Yankees just keep steamrolling the competition.  We’re now the winners of 7 straight games and on our March to 100™, we’re a scant 15 games away.  We’re also 35 games over .500 and owners of the best record… Continue reading

Game 129: Good offense will overcome bad pitching.

I like getting to use that picture when it means our offense exploded rather than our pitching.  Funnily enough though, both happened in this game — we thankfully came out on top at the end.  On our March to… Continue reading

Game 127: That was disappointing.

It’s usually not a good sign for you when Javy Vazquez, the guy who just got demoted to the bullpen, ends up pitching longer and better than the starter. Phil only went 3.2 innings, giving up 5 ER on… Continue reading

Game 123: The offense returns! Again! (for now??) pt. 3

That was better.  On the heels of news that Alex is headed toward the DL, we really needed a win to get our sh!t together and thankfully we got one.  It didn’t look like we would, but the Yanks… Continue reading

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