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Game 42: How’s that for offense?

Well now that was something interesting, huh?  We go from barely being able to score runs to putting up a 13-spot the next night.  Schizophrenic baseball is what we do best, and we do it well. CC Sabathia got the call to the mound tonight, and pitched just as well as Bartolo Colon did last … Continue reading

Game 32: Every once in a while.

The title of this entry alludes to how often you can expect the Yankees to score 12 runs in one game.  We’ve been having trouble scoring runs lately as you know, so seeing such a wealth of runs in one… Continue reading

Game 27: Just couldn’t fight ‘em off.

CC didn’t pitch nearly as bad as the final score would suggest.  If your starter only gives up four runs over the course of seven innings, you should be able to win that game.  I’m sorry.  Our offense let him… Continue reading

Game 22: There’s the offense.

Ask a question, sometimes you get it answered.  After a few games of seemingly narcoleptic offense where we were only able to score runs in spurts of HRs, it was nice to see a game where 75% of our… Continue reading

Game 17: That’s why they call us the Bronx Bombers.

Holy home runs, Batman!  I guess the Yankees decided to demonstrate their superior offensive skills last night, while also demonstrating why CC Sabathia is basically our only reliable starter.  *sigh*  Not that I’m complaining mind you, just that geez. … Continue reading

Game 14: The Comeback Kids™ strike again.

The Yankees are getting good at this “fall behind early, take the lead late” thing.  Not that I’m complaining mind you, just that it’s costing CC Sabathia wins.  It would be nice if we didn’t always wait until the… Continue reading

Game 9: Sometimes you just get outpitched.

Can’t blame CC for this loss, I’m afraid.  He did his job, it was the bullpen that gave up the bulk of the runs Boston scored.  Who is really to blame for the loss last night was the offense,… Continue reading

Game 5: Bad bullpen.

This game was so brutal, it took me until this morning to be able to write about it.  We give our ace a 4-0 lead, hand it off to the bullpen for the 8th……and all hell breaks loose.  That’s… Continue reading

Game 1: Let’s play ball.

How great it was to have some baseball again!  When you’re without something, you never know how much you miss it until you don’t have it anymore for a while.  Mike Mussina got the nod to throw out the first… Continue reading

Pitchers & Catchers countdown:

It’s here!  Spring Training has officially arrived!  Who’s excited?  To whet your whistles for even more pictures to follow in the coming days and weeks, here’s a picture of a noticeably slimmer CC Sabathia reporting for duty: LET’S GO YANKEES,… Continue reading

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