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Game 62: Getting a little tired of this.

At what point is it going to no longer be cool to constantly bean the Yankees with pitches?  Serious question, here.  Because during the Boston series we got plunked a grand total of about six times, and then during this series with the Indians, we’ve gotten hit another three or four times.  That’s about 10 … Continue reading

Game 61: Finally worth watching.

You’ll notice my postings have been a bit sporadic the last month or so, the reason for that being I just don’t have the time to update after every game like I used to.  Which sucks, but on the other hand, I am barely getting any feedback from people about what I do right, so … Continue reading

Game 58: (Not so) Happy Birthday to me.

Yesterday was my birthday (the big 2-9), and instead of giving me the gift of a Yankees victory over the Red Sox…..I got the exact opposite.  A loss.  Oh joy.  That’s 6 straight losses against the Red Sox this season, which is an even better belated birthday gift. I hope Mark’s okay though, that was … Continue reading

Latest Leaders: May

Latest Leaders – May 2011 The Latest Leaders for May 2011, based on pageviews from May 1-31: FANS 1. The Baseball Collector 2. Rays Renegade 3. Red State Blue State 4. Rockpile Rant 5. Unfinished Business 6. Cook & Son Bats’ Blog 7. Counting Baseballs 8. Phillies Phollowers 9. Rowland’s Office 10. Yankee Yapping 11. The … Continue reading

Game 55: I hate the Superfluous Acronyms™.

I don’t care that we beat them in the ALCS in 2009, thereby exorcising some kind of demonic curse the team had put over us……I really, really hate playing them.  They always seem to bring out the worst in the team, no matter how good or bad we might be playing at that time.  It’s … Continue reading

Game 54: Doing some housecleaning.

It’s nice to be able to bring out the Crazy Stein, isn’t it?  There’s just something about seeing the crazed look on his face while he’s wielding the broom like a samurai sword that makes you say, “God, I love this team.”  Only our former owner would be photographed like that, on a WS parade … Continue reading

Game 53: Just clobber ‘em.

We had a very good night, no?  Nice to see that after that crappy Seattle series, the Yankees are picking up and doing their business.  After letting the sh!tty Sox get out of the basement, we’re hell bound and determined now to hold on to 1st place for as long and consistently as we can. … Continue reading

Game 52: I still hate west coast games.

I know, I know….I forgot the series against Seattle, but considering how we barely avoided getting swept, I’d like to continue forgetting it and move on to this next west coast horror show against Oakland.  At least we won.  We’re also back in first place, though marginally so.  Thanks Chicago! We won this game because … Continue reading

Games 46-48: Mo makes history.

After coming off a great series with the Mets, we went right into a tough series against our division rivals, the Toronto Blue Jays.  After dropping the first game of the series, we came back with a thrilling walk-off victory in the 2nd game, and a nice comfortable win in the 3rd. Our pitching in … Continue reading

Games 43-45: The Subway Series

What a great series this was!  After a disappointing first game that saw us only able to score one run after bludgeoning 13 the night before, the 2nd and 3rd game of this series were a marked and vast improvement.  We got stellar pitching in all three games, great bullpen pitching especially, AND in the … Continue reading

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