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Games 89-92: A split is better than nothing.

We started the series against the Blue Jays on the wrong foot, with both Bartolo Colon and Garcia pitching less than optimally. In Colon’s case, giving up 8 runs in the 1st inning is not a good portents of things to come. However in the latter two games, we got phenomenal pitching, with CC notching … Continue reading

Why I hate the All-Star Game

I could probably take up several pages discussing all the reasons why I think the All-Star Game has become a colossal joke, but I’ll hit the main points instead. For starters, it’s a popularity contest and has been for years. Players that deserve to go don’t, players that don’t deserve to go, do. That’s not … Continue reading

Game 88: Now *that’s* what you call dominant.

After an emotional come-from-behind victory yesterday afternoon, which capped off Derek Jeter’s historic day, the Yankees took to the field in the final game before the All-Star break to look for a series win against the Rays (owing to the 2nd game being PPD).  Thankfully CC Sabathia was up to the task of helping the … Continue reading

Game 87: Captain 3,000

The title of my post was shamelessly stolen from CBS Sports, I hope they don’t mind.  It’s just so perfect.  With last night’s game postponed, I was hoping that Derek got his 3,000th hit this afternoon, just to get it over with.  Boy did he.  Hit #3,000 came on a HR (Could that have been … Continue reading

Can Derek get #3,000 this weekend?

He’s three hits away, and I think even with a fair-to-poor series at the plate, he can get at least one hit per game.  So I think his chances of getting it in front his home fans at the Stadium are very, very good.  This upcoming series is pretty important for us anyway, as we … Continue reading

I know I’ve been gone a while…..

….and I’ve had a good reason. Our internet system here decided to take a nose dive into the Atlantic, probably to cool off, so I haven’t had Internet access for the last few days. Rest assured, I haven’t given up on this blog, nor anyone who reads it and comments. Big things have been happening … Continue reading

Game 71: What would Les Nessman say?

In case you hadn’t noticed, my theme for the GDPs following our games with the Reds will be based on WKRP in Cincinnati, a damn fine TV show from the late 70s when Loni Anderson didn’t look like a troll.  In any event, we’re continuing our futile march through the National League, and after Chi-Town, … Continue reading

Games 68, 69 & 70: Sweet Home Chicago

Yeah, this is a little late but I’ve got a lot of stuff on my plate right now.  Following the Yankees’ sweep of the Rangers, they went on to my hometown of Chicago to take on the Cubs, and took the series 2 games out of 3.  They dropped the first game, but won the … Continue reading

Games 65, 66 & 67: How sweep it is.

Ah, Crazy Stein.  What a vision.  For those who might be new to Yankees Chick, whenever the Yankees sweep a series, Crazy Stein gets posted.  It was taken during either the ’98 or ’99 championship parades since both were sweeps, and the crazed look in his eyes matched with the way he’s holding the broom … Continue reading

Games 63 & 64: Night and Day.

I was hoping for a sweep of the Indians, but unfortunately we ran across the buzz-saw that is Carlos Carrasco.  That being said, AJ Burnett wasn’t a slouch on the mound either, going deep into the 8th inning.  We just couldn’t get any offense going.  Five hits would have been nice if we’d done something … Continue reading

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