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Game 40: It’s about damn time.

Well.  It’s nice to see the Yankees taking care of business for once.  Finally snapping a six-game skid, we got not only great pitching, but offense that didn’t die on the vine.  Ivan Nova pitched 5.1 innings, gave up 1 ER on 4 H, walked two and struck out four.  Our bullpen collectively gave up just 1 ER on 2 H, walked three and struck out three in 3.2 IP.  Very nicely done.  BTW, last night’s game was the 997th game that Mo has pitched in during his career, which means he’s only three more appearances away from 1,000 games pitched.  You don’t see that kind of longevity in closers anymore.

The offense finally showed up and showed up with some authority.  Alex went 2-4 with 2 RBI, both coming on solo HRs, Jorge went 2-3, Gardy went 3-4 with an RBI, and Derek went 1-5 with an RBI which means he’s only 34 hits away from 3,000.  It was nice to see some slumping players get off the schnide, and it was nice to see just a great overall level of participation from everyone.  Let’s continue it for the series against Baltimore, please.

Stars of the Game™

Our bullpen, Alex, and Jorge Posada.  Good work!

Welcome to the new Yankees Chick!

As you can see, MLBlogs moved to WordPress, and with that move came a whole lot of new goodies for us bloggers to take advantage of.  Namely, a lot more themes, widgets and sidebar gadgets, and better functionality.  What do you guys think?  I think it’s pretty damn awesome myself.

Game 39: From bad to worse.

Just when you thought the worst passed us by, the Yankees have to go and demonstrate that no….the worst is still coming.

AJ Burnett had been pitching very well last night, with the Rays scoring just one run by the 6th inning, but then something happened (don’t ask me what) and a switch got flipped, and it all went downhill from there.  Five runs later, we find ourselves behind by a run instead of up by four.  To make matters even worse, Nuke LaFarnsworth got the damn save.  The indignity of it.  That would be like Carl Pavano pitching a perfecto against us.  At least our pen was good.  I gotta keep telling myself to focus on the little things, rather than letting myself get depressed about the other stuff we’re not doing that well.

On the offensive side of things, we did manage five runs on seven hits, which is better than we’ve been doing.  Grandy went 1-4 with 3 RBI, Robbie went 2-4, Russell Martin went 2-4, and Nunez went 1-3 with 2 RBI.  Derek put up an 0’fer, so his countdown to 3,000 hasn’t moved.

Can we please win tonight?  I mean, come on.  Six losses in a row?  It’s getting old.

Game 38: Swept.


This is the first time the Yankees have lost five games in a row since May 2 – May 7, 2009.  Please don’t compare this team to that team, because that team could actually hit the ball.  Yeah we got five runs tonight, but it helps if your pitching doesn’t give up more runs than you can score.  Our pitching hadn’t been an issue until recently, now I’m beginning to wonder if the worm isn’t turning.  I know we had been getting lucky with some pretty mediocre pitchers, but I hope this isn’t the sign of things to come.  That is going to make for a long summer in NY.

So far we’ve played six games against Boston and won only one of them.  That pains me just to type it out, much less think about it.  I can only hope that this disastrous series serves as a wake-up call of sorts for the team, and they pull their heads out of their butts and start playing winning baseball.  Grandy went 1-4 with 2 RBI, Mark went 2-5 with an RBI, and Andruw Jones (who left the game) went 1-3 with an RBI.  Other than that, our offense was basically…..well, nothing.

Can we please just move on from this horrible series and start winning again?  You know, scoring more runs than the opposition in a minimum of 9 innings?  Good times, good times.

Game 37: No really, what the hell is going on?

Seriously though, what the hell is going on?  Has CC caught the suck now?  That’s about the last thing we need at this juncture is our ace giving up 6 runs in as many innings.  But hey, at least our bullpen didn’t crap the bed.  Not that there was much of a bed to crap in at that point, but you take the little things where you can find them.

Since there was no offense, let’s instead direct our attention to Jorge Posada, who apparently got in a snit-fit when Girardi dropped him to 9th in the lineup….and as a result of that, asked out of the game.  Dude….no.  Just no.  You don’t do that.  Joe Torre dropped Alex to the bottom of the batting order, and he showed up and played.  He didn’t come up with some lame excuse about his back or what have you, just to get out of playing because he didn’t want his ego to take the hit.

On a Yankees message board I read quite frequently, a poster there said that the “dynasty” players have basically held the team hostage over the last few years, and I can’t help but start to think that person is right.  There’s no way that someone like Alex, or even AJ Burnett would be allowed to get away with behavior like this, not without getting suspended and/or fined by the the team.  The fact that apparently nothing will be happening to Jorge for his temper-tantrum, speaks volumes to me.  I loved the dynasty years, they were a fun time to be a Yankees fan….but it’s time to move on from that now, and the sooner the better.  I just hope we don’t get swept tomorrow night.

Game 36: What the hell is going on?

Nothing like losing to the Red Sox, huh?  It’s enough to make me lose my dinner.  We made Buckles the Chimp look like Cy Young.  Not to mention the fact that yet again, we didn’t do jack or squat until the last damn minute, which is starting to get on my ever-loving nerves.  Colon wasn’t even that bad, either…..he only gave up 2 ER in 6 IP.  Joba who came in for the 7th, coughed up 2 ER, which made the whole we were currently sitting in that much wider.

Only one person in our lineup managed more than one hit, and that was Grandy.  He went 2-5 with an RBI.  Russell Martin was our other only offensive “star”, going 1-4 with 2 RBI.  Everyone else did bupkiss.  This was not how I wanted to set the tone for the series, especially coming off that disastrous series against the Royals a few days ago.  Derek got another hit, so he’s one step closer to 3,000…..but there aren’t many positives that can be taken away from this.  Sometimes the silver lining is hard to find.

Game 34: That was a gut punch.

Ugh.  Another great start from our rotation, another wasted effort from the offense.  Granted, it’s hard to hold on to 2-1 leads, even against teams like the vaunted Royals.  AJ pitches seven innings of 1 H, 1 ER ball, and gets bupkiss for the effort.  Even our bullpen, outside of Buddy Carlyle, was great. 

The problem was of course, the offense.  When you only manage two runs for the whole game until the 10th when you tack on one more to tie it at three a piece, that’s usually not a good sign.  Grandy went 2-5 with 2 RBI and Jorge went 2-3 with an RBI and that was the extent of our offense.  How the heck do you club 12 hits but only net three runs out of it?  You know what, don’t tell me.

Just please win tomorrow night so that we’re not going into the Boston series on a low note.

Game 33: It’ll have to do.

Another game, another woeful offensive showing.  I’m still comforted in the fact that our pitching has at least held up all season, so we can afford to win games when only scoring three runs.  So there’s that.  We’re also at 20 wins on the season so far, which about 20% of what I’d like us to end up with.  If you’re good at math, you’ll have a rough idea of what I’d like to see us end the season with, wins-wise.

We got another great start out of Freddy Garcia, who is proving himself to be a monumental asset for us in the rotation.  He pitched six innings, gave up 1 ER on 6 H, walked two and struck out three.  Dave, Joba and Mo pitched the final three innings, and Mo picked up save #13, which means he’s only 30 saves away from the all-time saves record.  Keep going, Mo!

Speaking of moving forward toward countdowns, Derek got another two hits tonight, which means he’s now only 38 hits away from 3,000.  He went 2-4 on the night with an RBI.  Our other two runs came courtesy of a single by Alex in the 5th.  Aside from that, we got no other offense from our lineup.  I will say that all but three people in the lineup got at least one hit, so it’s a start.  Let’s keep it going for the next game.

Stars of the Game™

Freddy, Derek, and Alex!  

Game 32: Every once in a while.

The title of this entry alludes to how often you can expect the Yankees to score 12 runs in one game.  We’ve been having trouble scoring runs lately as you know, so seeing such a wealth of runs in one game is a little off-putting.  Especially since we started out the game losing 4-0.  So it was one of those “hey, we suddenly found out what these huge pieces of wood are supposed to do!”

CC didn’t have the best outing this afternoon, but it was enough.  His final line was 6 IP, 5 H, 3 ER, 4 BB, 2 K.  So he clearly didn’t have his most dominating stuff.  The four errors his defense coughed up certainly didn’t aid things.  The bullpen was much better though, pitching three innings and giving up 0 ER and 3 H.  Thankfully we didn’t have see Mo in this game, although getting him even closer to the all-time saves record wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

After the crappy start to the game, it was nice to see the Yankees’ bats finally figure out what the hell they’re being paid to do.  We didn’t start scoring until the 3rd inning, and then we scored another two runs in the 5th inning, and then two runs again in the 7th inning……then 6 in the 8th.  Those six runs were sorely needed because by then, the Rangers had crept back to within one run, and our lead was only 6-5 instead of 6-4.  We had a couple of really big hitters this afternoon; Derek went 4-6 with 3 RBI (who is now 41 hits away from 3,000), Grandy went 3-4 with 3 RBI, Mark went 2-5 with 2 RBI, Gardy went 3-5, and Frankie Cervelli went 1-4 with 4 RBI.  We also got an RBI from Alex, who went 1-4.  So all in all, lots of offense from lots of people.  Which helps you win games.  Now can we please do this more than just once every few weeks?

Stars of the Game™

The offense!  Nice job, fellas.

Game 31: One step forward, two steps back.

Just when you think you’re getting somewhere, you find out that you aren’t.  We fall behind early 5-0, but then come back to within one, only to end up losing by two.  That’s like getting kicked in the nuts, and then when you’re bent over and heaving, getting kicked in the teeth. 

Bartolo Colon had an uncharacteristic bad start, lasting only 4.1 innings, and giving up 5 ER on 9 H.  Our bullpen fared better though (though not by much), giving up only two more runs over the course of the next 3.2 innings.  I guess our streak of getting quality pitching starts, irrespective of the offensive output, is over.  *sigh*

But hey, at least we scored five runs!  That’s better than we’ve been doing, I’ll say that much.  Derek went 2-5, so he’s only 44 away from 3,000 now.  Mark went 2-4 with an RBI, Robbie went 1-4 with 3 RBI, and Swish went 1-3 with an RBI.  Like I said, it’s better than we’ve been getting.  Though while at the beginning of the season Derek was slumping, now it’s Alex.  I hope he gets out of it soon, we need everyone in the lineup hitting right now.  We can’t afford for too many prolonged slumps. 

I’d post the info for the next game, but the picture upload function still isn’t working (I’ve tried editing past entries), so I guess you’ll have to bear with an image-free Yankees Chick for a while.


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